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Search To search start with just entering a single key word e.g. Contract or Negligence or Injury. Results will return legal areas in the drop down list. Just select an item from that list.

New Questions If you cannot find a suitable answer then please ask a new question (please think about the formation of the question) attempt to keep it short like a phrase for example a phrase like (duty of care) not what is a duty of care, please keep it short. We give priority to anybody who is using our paid version therefore your question maybe answered a long time in the future although we attempt to keep this to one month for the free web version.

Professional Software

For Solicitors or Business or any other organisations or training facilities who wish to have many more features than are available via our beta free web-site page please purchase the professional version of the software or professional on-line html version from our Home Page Link that will take you to PayPal a secure payment system where you can purchase the professional version.

Additional Features include:

Filter by area of law for example Tort, Contract, Public Law, Family, Estate, Land, EU, Company, Equity etc.
Request updates on any older or out of date material.
Ask a new question with priority response.
Highlight feature, within our professional version of our software or professional on-line web page we highlight important information.
Pin Point feature that tracks you back to where in the original document the information we have summarised in any search is located.
This tracking feature really saves time and gives you the full document at the click of a button.

Legal Research

We have large amounts of legal information but sometimes some aspects of law are difficult to understand. We sometimes can provide additional learning material to explain some aspect of law that is difficult to understand. Please e-mail us for this service and depending on the amount of work we may offer this service free of charge or charge for this service. If we wish to charge we will tell you how much before we start the research. We have access to a lot more information that is currently available on our free web-site. Therefore we have the ability to provide better legal research information. If you have purchased our software this service is usually provided free of charge through our professional version of our software.


The server hold large amounts of legislation and case law but we do not hold everything. We continue to analyse and accumulate new legislation and case law. Therefore if you do not find the most relevant information this may well be because we do not currently hold that information. If you are using this in a professional way please always check against the original source. Also data maybe out of date therefore always check the original source. This web-service is beta therefore please report errors

Data Usage

We do not collect any personal information at all. If you ask a new question that is not already stored on our servers we will use our Artificial Intelligent system to provide an answer to that question. Therefore please keep legal question non-personal. Therefore please do not enter anybodies name or age into a search. Please note if the questions have no legal basis it will not return an answer. Therefore random questions not related to law will usually be ignored.


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